Metal Fabrication Direct from JGI

JGI’s storage and operational facility features over 32,000 square feet of space for metal fabrication. Our fabrication capabilities allow us to streamline our glass installation processes and better serve project timelines.

Sides of metal beams

Our Metal Fabrication Process

During the pre-planning phase, your JGI project manager and team will gather specific, exact measurements for all framing within the project. We calculate exact framing sizes and metal amounts needed. Once we have the data, we will fabricate the framing with precision and order accurate glass sizes to complete installation.

  • Accurate Measurements
  • Precise Fabrication
  • Speedy Production
  • Trusted Delivery
Two workers collaborating on piece of metal material

Precision Made Easy

Proper glass installation requires exact framing measurements. Even miniscule miscalculations can derail project timelines. That’s why our skilled team performs metal fabrication with technology and equipment designed to ensure precision every time.

Metal Framing Made Fast

Not only does the equipment we use for metal fabrication produce accurate framing specs, but it also allows us to fabricate significant amounts of framing per day. JGI can fit the most stringent schedules, creating all framing for your project quickly and efficiently.

Worker polishing a metal beam
Worker unloading metal beam pallets with forklift

Delivered with Trust

Once we fabricate the metal framing needed to complete your project, JGI delivers all pieces to the jobsite to begin the installation process.

Rely on JGI for Accuracy at Every Turn

The team members involved in the metal fabrication process apply in-depth knowledge, training, and experience to produce accurate pieces for your project. We also remain committed to your scheduling and budget goals at every step.

JGI is fully bonded and insured, OSHA certified, and stays up to date with the latest trainings for exceptional performance on the jobsite.

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