Specialty Glass Solutions for Your Commercial Build

JGI is your leading source in the Southeast for glass solutions to accommodate any application. No matter your design preferences or environmental needs, our professional glaziers can transform your interior or exterior space with a comprehensive selection of specialty glass products.

Specialty glass

Specialty Glass for Your Commercial Space

From exterior walls, windows, and storefronts to interior conference rooms, partitions, doors, and more, our specialty glass products bring protection, privacy, and superior performance to any environment.

Dynamic Glass

JGI can complete your construction project with superior dynamic glass installations. We are at the forefront of dynamic glass installation, as these systems are technologically advanced and more involved than standard glass options.

Dynamic or smart glass is glass that electronically tints or clears as weather conditions change. The glass can be partially tinted or fully tinted at different times of the day to block unwanted heat & glare. As sunlight decreases, electricity is removed and the glass returns to its normal clear state, allowing more natural sunlight. The electrochromic system provides control of the tint or frost of your glass panels, offering variety, flexibility, privacy, and more throughout your space.

About Dynamic Glass

Silk-Screened Glass

Commercial building designers can improve exterior and interior spaces with customized silk-screened ceramic enamel frit glass products installed by JGI.

Silk-screened glass displays innovation through custom and standard designs, patterns, and colors that invigorate any commercial project. Available insulated or laminated, silk-screened glass delivers function, style, and safety to your space. Use silk-screened glass to reduce glare, decrease solar transmission, and improve internal temperature regulation.

Bird-Friendly Glass

Avoid birds flying into your building’s exterior with bird-friendly glass options. This glass is designed to stand out to a bird and catch its attention before impact, protecting the bird and your building’s facade.

Birds have a difficult time registering standard glass as a barrier. Instead, they often interpret glass to be an opening to fly through. While bird-friendly glass looks similar to other glass options, it contains a pattern in the design (either lines or dots) that the bird can see. The pattern appears as an obstruction in the bird’s flight path and communicates to the bird that it should change direction to avoid a collision.

Back-Painted Glass

Make an impression at your commercial location with back-painted glass installations from JGI.

Back-painted glass comes in a range of components and color options to suit any preference. Choose from water-based options including thermosetting paints that give your glass a strong pop of color or thermochromic paints that adjust the glass’s shade to the current temperature. Additional functional and aesthetic options include:

  • Steel effects
  • Ice effects
  • Mirror effects
  • Safety paints

Back-painted glass is commonly used for tabletops, lobby windows, partitions, and signage.

Security Glazing

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass offers visual clarity and extreme protection against break-ins and other types of impact. Laminated glass is shatterproof, meaning the product remains intact if an impact causes the glass to break. Because of its shatterproof nature, this glass is used for bomb and blast resistance, hurricane glazing, and can also be used to reduce sound transmission.

Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Polycarbonate is a glass alternative that offers strength and safety to any building project. Polycarbonate is an insulated, flame-retardant, impact-resistant solution that also delivers flexibility, durability, and visual clarity. Many building owners choose this solution for added security in their commercial space.


Also known as Plexiglass, acrylic sheets are an extremely versatile, dependable, and affordable solution for increasing the safety and security of your location. Acrylics are more protective against impact and other types of damage than standard glass options. Plus, they are lightweight, low maintenance, easily moldable to fit any installation, and simple to correct should they become scratched.

Mirror Glass

If you need large mirrors installed at your location, JGI can complete the installation process quickly and efficiently.

Our mirror products offer size flexibility and visual clarity to transform your area. We can outfit your gym, dance studio, office building, lobby, or other commercial space.

Fire-Rated Framing & Glass

If you want to increase the safety of your building and the people inside, talk to JGI about our fire-rated glass solutions.

Available for both interior and exterior installations, fire-rated glass maintains optical clarity while withstanding heat up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This glass significantly slows the spread of a building’s fire and its accompanying smoke and heat. Fire-rated glass serves as a trustworthy barrier between flames and the rest of your commercial space. Our impact safety-rated options offer fire ratings ranging from 20 minutes to 120 minutes and can be installed for virtually any project.

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