Dynamic Glass Installations

JGI can complete your construction project with superior dynamic glass installations. We are one of the few glass companies in Georgia that is at the forefront of dynamic glass installation, as these systems are technologically advanced and more involved than standard glass options.

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What Is Dynamic Glass?

Dynamic glass features an advanced electrochromic system that provides control of the tint or frost of your glass panels, offering variety, flexibility, privacy, and more throughout your space.

Each panel contains electrically controlled layers of fiber that are invisible to the naked eye and do not compromise the clarity of the glass. When stimulated with electricity, the fibers activate to display a darkened or frosted appearance. When electricity is removed, the glass returns to normal and looks like a standard glass panel.

Tinted Glass (Often an Exterior Application)

A tinted glass system allows adjustments to the glass’s tint to counteract sunlight while maintaining clarity for unobstructed views. Similar to transition lenses in eyeglasses, dynamic glass can darken when activated and return to a non-tinted state afterward. Tinted dynamic glass removes the need for shades, blinds, or low-emissive window coatings to shield from the sun. It can also assist with privacy

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Frosted Glass (Often an Interior Application)

Frosted glass systems can offer privacy for interior glass walls or partitions. Dynamic frosted glass allows occupants to change the settings from clear to opaque when activated. The transition back to clear, see-through walls is also quick and easy. Frost control is often used as a replacement for blinds, curtains, or permanent frosting options like adhesive films.

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Rely on JGI for Your Dynamic Glass Installation

The professionals at JGI are highly trained on the installation requirements for dynamic glass. We closely communicate with all necessary departments in the pre-planning phase, including mechanical and electrical, to ensure proper installation and customer satisfaction.

The JGI Team is:

  • View– and SageGlass-Recommended
  • Trained and Experienced with Dynamic Glass Installations
  • Honest and Thorough from Pre-Planning to Project Completion

JGI is fully bonded and insured, OSHA certified, and stays up to date with the latest trainings for exceptional performance on the jobsite.

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